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Oil Saving Skills of Weichai Generator Set

Our company is mainly engaged in the production of Weichai generating units. We insist on improving the quality of products and innovating the technology of Weichai generating units. Today we will introduce the oil-saving skills of Weichai generating units.
(1) Use fuel-saving smoke reducer.
The fuel-saving smoke reducer is vertically fixed in the front-end oil circuit of the fuel injection pump and connected with a DC power supply. It can reduce smoke remarkably when used in Weichai diesel engine generator set. It can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also save about 5% of oil.
(2) Install inertial supercharger.
Installation of inertial turbocharger on diesel engine can generally increase power by 15% and decrease fuel consumption by 3%-5%.
(3) Wrap toilet paper on the filter element.
Laying 2-3 layers of highly adsorbable toilet paper on diesel oil filter can improve fuel cleanliness and reduce fuel consumption.
(4) Install foam plastic air filter.
Adding a layer of foam plastics with good permeability of 8-20 mm thick to the two-layer filter of air filter can improve the filtering effect, keep the fuel burning normally and reduce the fuel consumption.
(5) Return pipeline diversion.
The return pipe of diesel engine is connected to the high-pressure oil pipe to make the return oil enter the low-pressure oil pipeline, which can ensure normal combustion, and the effect of fuel saving is remarkable.
Thank you for your patience to finish our sharing of the fuel-saving skills of Weichai generating units. All employees welcome friends from all walks of life to contact us and negotiate business.

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