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What kinds of diesel engines do you have?

The following is an introduction to the types of diesel engines.
1. According to the working cycle classification: four-stroke diesel engine and two-stroke diesel engine.
2. According to whether or not turbocharged: turbocharged diesel engine and non-turbocharged diesel engine.
3. According to crankshaft speed classification: high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed diesel engines.
4. Classified according to structural characteristics:
(1) Cylindrical piston type: the piston plays a guiding role, and the cylinder wall bears lateral thrust.
(2) Crosshead type: piston does not play a guiding role, cylinder liner does not have the role of lateral thrust, the guiding role is borne by the cross-head slider, and the lateral thrust is borne by the guide plate. A diaphragm is added at the lower part of the cylinder to separate the cylinder from the crankcase so as to prevent oil, carbon or gas from leaking into the crankcase to contaminate the lubricating oil. The reliability of crosshead diesel engine is higher than that of cylinder piston diesel engine.
5. According to cylinder arrangement:
(1) In-line: the number of cylinders is less than 12 cylinders
(2) V type: the angle of cylinder is 90 degree, 60 degree and 45 degree.
6. According to the turning point:
Dextrotator: A diesel engine that rotates clockwise when it is in front of the vehicle, looking from the flywheel end (power output terminal) to the free end.
Left-handed engine: A diesel engine rotates counter-clockwise when it is in front of the vehicle, looking from the flywheel end (power output terminal) to the free end.
7. According to the reversibility score, there are irreversible and reversible diesel engines.
Above is the introduction of diesel engine, I believe you have a certain understanding. We not only provide stable products for customers, but also deliver convenient, fast and professional services to millions of households.

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