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Components of Weichai diesel engine

Let's introduce the components of Weichai diesel engine:
Function and structure of the engine block: the engine block is the main frame of the diesel engine, and various parts of the diesel engine are installed inside and outside.
The engine block is composed of cylinder head, cylinder block crankcase, oil pan and other parts. It is used as the assembly framework of each system of the internal combustion engine mechanism and as the components of the crank connecting mechanism, air distribution mechanism, cooling and lubrication system.
There is a cylinder inside the cylinder block, a reciprocating piston in the cylinder, and a cylinder head at the top. The three are sealed into a combustion chamber, and the fuel oil is burned in the combustion chamber, so that the gas expands and pushes the piston. The piston is connected with the crankshaft through the connecting rod to form a crank connecting rod mechanism. The function of the crank and connecting rod mechanism is to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotating motion of the crankshaft and realize the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy.
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