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Inspection of generator set before use

Generating set refers to the generating equipment that can transform mechanical energy or other renewable energy into electric energy. Next, I will introduce the inspection of generator set before use.
1. Check whether the rotor is flexible and the bearing quality.
2. Check the inside of the generator carefully, and there shall be no sundries to prevent falling into screws, tools, rags and other foreign matters.
3. Check the lubrication of generator bearing. The quality and quantity of lubricating oil and grease meet the maintenance requirements.
4. Check whether the connection between the generator and its prime mover is in good condition. At the same time, check whether the axes of the two machines are in the same straight line.
5. Use dry compressed air of about two atmospheres or leather tiger to remove the dust of each part of the generator. To avoid damage to the coil, do not use metal blowpipe.
Through the above introduction of the generator set, I hope to help you!

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