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The types of abnormal sound in cylinder of Weichai diesel engine in Shandong Province are summarized.

The cylinder of Shandong Weichai diesel engine is the main body of the engine. It integrates all cylinders and crankcase, and is the supporting framework for installing piston, crankshaft and other parts and accessories. Although this part is durable, but the use of a long time, or there will be some conditions, such as Shandong Weichai diesel engine cylinder abnormal sound.
Then, what kinds of abnormal sound are common in the cylinder of Weichai diesel engine in Shandong? It can be simply summarized as piston knocking on cylinder, piston pin knocking, piston top knocking on cylinder head, piston top knocking on cylinder head, etc.
1. The abnormal sound of the piston head hitting the cylinder head is the continuous metal tapping sound, especially at high speed. Its abnormal sound source is the upper part of the cylinder of the 50 kW Weichai generator set. Its dynamic and static characteristics are firm and powerful, and the cylinder head has vibration.
2. The abnormal sound of the piston ring is mainly caused by the metal knocking of the piston ring, the air leakage of the piston ring and the excessive carbon deposition.
3. Cylinder knocking refers to the abnormal movement of "Dangdang" or "Tick" announced by the head and skirt colliding with the cylinder wall when the piston sways in the cylinder at the beginning of the working stroke, perhaps when the piston goes up.
4. If the clearance between the piston pin and the piston pin hole, the piston pin and the connecting rod bushing (or bearing) is too large, a sharp, loud and highly tuned metal tapping sound will be announced, similar to the sound of hammer tapping iron drill.

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