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Weichai Diesel Engine Relay has Protective Function

Weichai diesel engine relay is an electronic control device, which is equipped in the generating unit. Usually used in automatic control circuit, it is actually a kind of "automatic switch" which uses smaller current to control larger current. Therefore, it plays a protective role in the circuit, such as automatic regulation, safety protection, conversion circuit and so on.
As a control element, Weichai diesel engine relay has the following functions.
1) Expanding the scope of control: For example, when the control signal of multi-contact relay reaches a certain value, it can switch, break and switch on multi-circuit at the same time according to different forms of contact group.
2) Amplification: For example, sensitive relays, intermediate relays and so on, with a very small amount of control, can control a large power circuit.
3) Integrated signal: For example, when multiple control signals are input into multi-winding relays in a prescribed form, the desired control effect is achieved by comparison and synthesis.
4) Automation, remote control and monitoring: For example, relays on automatic devices, together with other electrical appliances, can form programmed control circuits to realize automatic operation.

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