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Explain the Common Knowledge of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

Single cylinder diesel engine is a relative machine. As a well-known manufacturer of single cylinder diesel engine, Shandong Weichai diesel engine, we offer you common knowledge here. We hope you can fully understand and understand it in a short time.
1. Maintenance methods and regulations introduced in the corresponding product instructions should be adjusted and maintained in use.
2. It is not allowed to work at full load at high speed immediately after starting, and the transition from low-speed no-load to high-speed full load gradually.
3. The fuel used in diesel engine should be cleaned and settled for more than 72 hours.
4. For diesel engines with radiators, normal water temperature should be maintained (75-95 C). When releasing cooling water, first open the radiator cover (to be opened after the water temperature is lowered to avoid scalding), and then turn on the water release switch on the cylinder block.
5. The normal working oil pressure should be 0.2-0.4 MPa.
6. Strictly control the load and do not allow overloading, otherwise it will affect the reliability and service life of diesel engines.
7. Medium-speed and low-load running-in shall be carried out after new or replacement of injectors, and the running-in time shall not be less than 30 minutes. Clean even parts with clean kerosene or light diesel oil before installation and remove rust-proof oil.
8. In the course of operation, if abnormal phenomena are found, stop in time.

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