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Performance of Diesel Engine

Diesel engine is one of the main products of our company. The product quality is good, the price is favorable, and the technology is excellent. The diesel engine has advanced technical specifications, superior performance, safe and reliable operation, and convenient operation and maintenance. The diesel engine can burn diesel oil and heavy oil for 1000-3500 seconds. The diesel engine can be used as the main engine of passenger ships, transport ships, engineering ships, marine auxiliary engines, land generators and so on. Over the years, it has been deeply loved and supported by our customers. Many people may not know about this product. Here's the performance of diesel engine.

1. Fuel injection timing is completely separated from fuel metering. Fuel injection pressure and fuel injection process are controlled by ECU.

2. The injection pressure, starting point and duration of each cylinder can be adjusted according to the working condition of the engine, so as to pursue the control point of injection.

3. It can realize high injection pressure and pre-injection of diesel oil. Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has lower fuel consumption rate (average 30% lower than gasoline engine) and lower diesel price, so it has better fuel economy. At the same time, the speed of diesel engine is generally lower than that of gasoline engine, and the torsion distance is larger than that of gasoline engine, but its quality is higher, its working noise is higher, and its manufacture and maintenance are better. The cost is high and the emission is worse than that of gasoline engines. However, with the development of modern technology, these shortcomings of diesel engines are gradually being overcome, and now some cars have begun to use diesel engines.

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