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What are the common generator faults?

Generator set refers to the power generation equipment that can convert mechanical energy or other renewable energy into electrical energy. In the process of using, it is unavoidable that such or other faults will occur. In order to help users reduce the occurrence of faults as much as possible, we will summarize the common faults of generators.
1. When the oil accumulates in the booster chamber to a certain extent, it will leak out from the joint of the booster.
2. For turbocharged diesel generating units, the sealing effect of oil seal (non-contact type) of turbocharger is easy to decrease because of low load, no load and low boosting pressure.
3. Long-term low-load operation will lead to worsening wear of moving parts and worsening combustion environment of engines, which will lead to earlier overhaul period.
4. A part of the oil flowing up to the cylinder participates in the combustion. Some of the oil can not be completely burned, and coke deposits are formed at the valve, intake port, piston top, piston ring, etc., while others are discharged with the exhaust gas. In this way, the cylinder liner exhaust duct will gradually accumulate oil, will also form carbon deposits.

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