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Installation of Weichai Generator Set

Here we will introduce to you the installation of the Weichai generator set.

1. The installation site should be well ventilated, the generator end should have enough air intake, and the diesel end should have good air outlet. The area of outlet should be more than 1.5 times larger than that of water tank.

2. The surrounding area of the installation site should be kept clean, so as to avoid the placement of corrosive gases and vapors which can produce acid and alkaline in the vicinity. Fire extinguishing devices should be equipped when conditions permit.

3. In indoor use, the smoke exhaust pipe should be directed outdoors, and the pipe diameter (> the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler) should not exceed 3 elbows to ensure the smooth flow of smoke, and the pipe should be inclined downward 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upward, a rainproof cover shall be installed.

4. When concrete is used in the foundation, the level of the unit must be measured with a horizontal ruler during installation, so that the unit can be fixed on the level basis. There should be a special shock pad or sole bolt between the unit and the foundation.

5. Unit housing has reliable protective grounding. For generators requiring direct grounding of neutral points, the professionals shall conduct neutral grounding and equip lightning protection devices. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounding devices of municipal electricity for direct grounding of neutral points.

6. The bi-directional switch between generator and municipal power is very reliable in order to prevent power from being sent back. The reliability of the two-way switch must be verified by the local power supply department.

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