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Formation of Noise Source of Generator Set

To provide customers with satisfactory service is our company's purpose. For us, customers are always right. We have been engaged in sales of generators for many years. Our products are well received by customers and have a good reputation in the market. The following is an introduction to the formation of generator noise sources.
1. Generator noise:
Generator noise includes electromagnetic noise caused by magnetic field pulsation between stator and rotor, and mechanical noise caused by rolling bearing rotation.
2. Exhaust noise:
Exhaust noise is a kind of high-temperature and high-speed pulsating airflow noise. It is a kind of energy-intensive engine noise. Its noise can reach more than 100 db. It is the main component of the total engine noise. The exhaust noise generated by the generator is directly discharged through a simple exhaust pipe (the original exhaust pipe of the generator set). Its basic frequency is the ignition frequency of the engine.
The main components of exhaust noise are as follows: low-frequency fluctuating noise caused by periodic exhaust smoke, gas column resonance noise in exhaust pipe, Helmholtz resonance noise of cylinder, noise generated by high-speed airflow passing through valve clearance and tortuous pipeline, eddy current noise and regenerative noise generated by exhaust system under pressure wave excitation in pipeline, etc. Additionally, the noise frequency is significantly increased. This has a serious impact on the lives and work of neighbouring residents.
3. Mechanical noise and combustion noise:
Mechanical noise is mainly caused by vibration or mutual impact caused by periodic variation of gas pressure and inertia force during the operation of engine moving parts.
Several of them are serious: noise of piston crank-connecting rod mechanism, noise of valve train, noise of transmission gear, mechanical vibration and noise caused by unbalanced inertial force. Strong mechanical vibration of diesel generating units can be transmitted to outdoor areas through long-distance foundation, and then noise can be formed by radiation from the ground. This kind of structural noise has the advantages of long transmission and less attenuation, and it is difficult to isolate once it is formed. It has the characteristics of long noise propagation and low attenuation.
Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise produced by diesel during combustion. Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise produced by diesel during combustion. The sound pressure level of combustion noise in the cylinder is very high, but most parts of the engine structure have high steeliness, and their natural frequencies are mostly in the middle and high frequency region. Because of the mismatch of the frequency response to the sound wave propagation, the peak value of the cylinder pressure level in the low frequency region can not be smoothly transmitted, while the cylinder pressure level in the middle and high frequency region is relatively easy to transmit.
4. Cooling fan and exhaust noise:
The fan noise of unit consists of eddy current noise, rotating noise and mechanical noise. Exhaust noise, airflow noise, fan noise and mechanical noise will be transmitted through the exhaust channel, thus causing noise pollution to the environment.
5. Inlet noise:
Diesel generating units need sufficient fresh air supply when they are in normal operation. On the one hand, to ensure the normal operation of the engine, on the other hand, to create good heat dissipation conditions for the unit, otherwise the unit can not guarantee its performance. The function of the intake passage is to ensure the normal operation of the engine and create good heat dissipation conditions for the unit itself. The intake passage of the unit can make the intake air enter the engine room smoothly, but at the same time, the mechanical noise and airflow noise of the unit will radiate to the outside of the engine room through the intake passage.
6. Transfer noise of foundation vibration:
Strong mechanical vibration of diesel engine can be transmitted to outdoor areas through the foundation and then radiated noise through the ground.
Above is the introduction of the generator set, I believe you have a certain understanding. We not only provide stable products for customers, but also deliver convenient, fast and professional services to millions of households. Choosing our company is choosing the eternal trust!

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