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Emergency shutdown of generating units

Generators can be divided into two categories: alternator and direct current generator according to the converted power mode. Below for you to introduce the need for emergency shutdown of generators.
1. Water hammer.
2. Unit overspeed.
3. The expansion difference exceeds the allowable value.
4. There is clear metal sound in the unit.
5. Controlling the oil level of fuel tank is lower than that of shutdown.
6. The oil system is on fire, which threatens the safety of the unit.
7. The outlet oil temperature of the oil cooler is too high or beyond the prescribed value.
8. High temperature of bearing metal.
9. High return temperature of generator sealing oil.
10. High temperature of main and reheat steam.
11. The main and reheat steam temperatures are low in normal operation.
12. High exhaust temperature.
13. High exhaust temperature in low cylinder.
14. Large axial displacement of main engine.

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