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Structure of Weichai Generator Set

Speaking with quality, sincere cooperation is our company's philosophy. With good product quality and service quality, it occupies a broad market. There is a lot of knowledge about Weichai generator set. In this small arrangement, you can understand the structure of Weichai generator set:
At present, more units in the market use rigid connections. After the diesel engine and generator are connected, they are installed on the common chassis. Then they are equipped with various protective sensors, such as water temperature sensors. Through these sensors, the operation status of the diesel engine can be visually displayed to the operator. Moreover, with these sensors, an upper limit can be set when it is reached. If the operator fails to take measures at this time, the control system will automatically shut down the unit. Weichai generator sets take this way to play a self-protection role. Sensors play the role of receiving and feeding back all kinds of information, displaying these data and performing protection functions is the control system of diesel generator set. The control screen is generally installed on the generator, called knapsack control screen, and part of the screen is placed independently in the operating room, called split control screen. The control screen is connected by cable and generator and sensor, and displayed separately. Electrical parameters and operating parameters of diesel engine. In addition, there are chassis, coupling, radiator, fuel tank, and some are equipped with muffler and hood.
Customer satisfaction is our affirmation. Welcome you to choose and buy our Weichai generator set. We always think that it is our duty to provide you with good products and insist on doing so.

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