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Principle of Diesel Engine

Speaking with quality, sincere cooperation is our company's philosophy. With good product quality and service quality, it occupies a broad market. There is a lot of knowledge about diesel engines. In this little tape, you can understand the principle of diesel engines:
The intake stroke of diesel engine is pure air. At the end of the compression stroke, diesel oil is injected into the cylinder through the injector to mix with compressed high temperature air in a very short time to form a combustible mixture. Because the compression ratio of diesel engine is high (generally 16-22), the air pressure in cylinder can reach 3.5-4.5 MPa at the end of compression, and the temperature can reach 750-1000K at the same time (while the mixture pressure of gasoline engine at this time will be 0.6-1.2 MPa, the temperature will reach 600-700K), which greatly exceeds the spontaneous combustion temperature of diesel engine. Therefore, diesel fuel will ignite and burn itself immediately after it is injected into the cylinder and mixed with air in a very short time. The air pressure in the cylinder rises rapidly to 6-9 MPa and the temperature rises to 2000-2500 K. Driven by high pressure gas, the piston moves downward and drives the crankshaft to rotate to work. The exhaust gas is also discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe.
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